Michelle Obama to star in Netflix children’s puppet series


Michelle Obama will be on next project for Netflix, producing and starring in a new live-action children’s puppet series.

Last week, the streaming service announced six new upcoming projects from Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, Higher Ground Productions — but they managed to keep one featuring Mrs. Obama herself a secret.

Waffles + Mochi, which will premiere on Netflix on March 16, is about a pair of puppet chefs who get hired at a supermarket, where they work for the supermarket owner — who happens to be the former first lady — and have foodie adventures all over the world.

The new announcement came just days after Netflix and Higher Ground Productions announced a slate of four new movies and two TV series set to come out in the next few years, including a film about the first man to summit Mt. Everest and a YA thriller about a Native American teen who goes undercover.

But Waffles + Mochi is intended for much younger audiences.

The show appears to have been previously announced with few details back in April 2019, but at the time was called ‘Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents’ — and there was no mention of Mrs. Obama’s on-camera role.

Waffle + Mochi tells the story of two best friends named Waffles and Mochi, who live in The Land of Frozen Food and dream of becoming chefs.

Unfortunately, everything they cook in The Land of Frozen Food is made of ice.

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