“My first introduction to lesbianism was when I was 7 or 8,” Lady shares her story and advise parents


A Nigerian lady at the early hours of today took to her Twitter page to narrate her journey into lesbianism. She narrated how peer group pressure and unsupervised parenting led to the unpleasant encounters.

@ebeletheservant explained that her encounter started with the common innocent ‘mummy and ‘daddy’ play with her neighbour’s kids, and thereafter graduated into illicit touches.

“It was with the neighbour’s kids.It first started with the normal “mummy and daddy” plays and before we knew it, we were getting under sheets and touching ourselves inappropriately,” she said.

She also disclosed that the encounter led her into struggling with masturbation and pornography. All these she blamed on ‘unsupervised’ parenting.

This was also how my struggle with masturbation and pornography began.

“Our parents would let us play with the kids in the compound and, as long as there were no physical injuries or anything of that sort, they let us play “unsupervised,” she further added.

She made this public and quite personal reminisce in order to advise parents/guardian to be mindful of the children in their care. She advised that parents should make out time to play and have conversation with their children.

She further explained that the devil is constantly looking out to destroy these children and so parents should be watchful, sensitive and prayerful.

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