Ngozi Okonjo Iweala appreciates 4-Year-Old girl who dressed to look like her


The Director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Dr. Mrs. Ngozi O. Iweala has come out to openly appreciate a 4-year-old girl who dressed to look exactly like her.

Just recently after the #BeLikeNgoziChallenge was a trend for weeks via most social media platforms, the young 4-Year-Old had become a striking sensation.

In a post made by the Dad of the little girl, identified as Sage Ugo, he uploaded the girls picture with the caption “Don’t they look alike? Abeg, someone should tell Madam Ngozi to come and carry her granddaughter o!”

While reacting to the post, Dr. Okonjo appreciated the little girl who modelled her and every other person modelling her look. She also took the opportunity to pray for their success.

“This beautiful young girl and all the other adorable young girls and young women modeling my look just make me feel humble and blessed. Thank you. You shall all be great and greater than your model by Gods Grace!”, Dr Ngozi says.

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