“Pentecostals tear down pastors caught in sin, while Catholics protect their priests who do same” – Reno Omokri sides Catholics


Former presidential aide and online personality, Reno Omokri has lauded the ability of Catholics to stand by their priests when caught in a sin, rather than the Pentecostals that will heavily criticize a pastor who indulged in such activity.

He maintained that why is loves Catholics is due to the fact that they see a priest who is caught in sin as a wounded soldier who needs backup and protections, rather than an average Pentecostalist, who will pour out a bowl of criticism on the face of his pastor when he is caught in the web of iniquity.

In his words:

“One thing I admire in Catholics is that if a priest is caught in sin, they see him as a wounded soldier who needs protection. But Pentecostals will tear down pastors caught in sin. A pastor is like a striker. Strikers are marked by the enemy more than other 

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