Biden says 90 percent of adults will be eligible for vaccine by April


President Biden sent mixed messages in remarks Monday, announcing that most adults in the US will be eligible for vaccinations in three weeks, but also saying that states should pause their reopening efforts.

Speaking at the White House, the president said “at least 90 percent of all adults in this country will be eligible to be vaccinated by April 19.”

Biden also said his administration is working on an initiative to make sure a vaccination site is within five miles of 90 percent of all Americans by April 19.

“Three weeks from today 90 percent of adult people who are 18 and over will be eligible to get vaccinated and 90 percent of all Americans will be living within five miles of a place they can get a shot,” he said.

As he walked away after his remarks, a reporter shouted out to ask if he believed states should pause reopenings.

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