WHO concludes Covid ‘most likely’ came from bats and China lab leak theory

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The origins of Covid-19 most likely came from bats, through another animal, and into humans a study between the World Health Organization and China has found.

The possibility of a lab leak as the source of the pandemic was “extremely unlikely”, according to a draft copy of the findings obtained by The Associated Press.

Former US president Donald Trump previously claimed he’d seen proof the coronavirus outbreak originated from an infectious disease laboratory in Wuhan.

The findings were largely as expected and left many questions unanswered, with the team proposing further research in every area except the lab leak hypothesis.

The release of the report has been repeatedly delayed, raising questions about whether the Chinese side was trying to skew the conclusions to prevent blame for the pandemic falling on China.

The AP received what appeared to be a near-final version on Monday from a Geneva-based diplomat from a WHO-member country.

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