‘Treat Nigeria or resign’, Nigerians in London to protest against Buhari’s governance


In less than 48 hours after Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari traveled to London for his routine health check, Nigerians in London have decided to sieze the opportunity to protest against his leadership and governance.

President Buhari proceeded to the United Kingdom on Tuesday March 30, 2021 just as he usually does. The president has embarked on several trips to the UK to seek medical care since he assumed office.

In 2017, the president spent over 150 days in the UK, treating an undisclosed ailment.

Buhari also returned to the UK for four days in May 2018 to see his doctor.

This frequently recurring movement alongside the present stage of the country has erupted reactions from Nigerians who resides in London.

The protest is said to address critical issues affecting the Nigerians. Corruption, insecurity, lack of resources and healthcare system, unemployment, kidnapping and other form of insurgencies are listed to be addressed in the said protest.

The organizers of the protest has requested that president Muhammadu Buhari should resign if he cannot fix Nigeria as ought.

The protest themed ‘Buhari Must Go’ is scheduled to hold from 2nd to 3rd of April 2021 at Abuja house, Campden Hill London E8 7AD.

Nation Scoops will be covering the protest LIVE to give your real-time updates. To cover the protest and to anyone who has any questions, kindly email us:

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