Pastor calls out police for breaking into the church building during passover service: You Nazis, Get out!

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Polish pastor Artur Pawlowski sent police packing after they showed up at his Alberta, Canada, church to check for COVID-19 violations during an Easter service.

He described their actions as what happens during communism and tagged them Nazis and fascists, consequently the police left the scene just a few minutes after he had rebuked them.

Incredible scenes that took place on Easter Weekend In Canada, Calgrary where a Pastor chased the law enforcement away after they had come to the church to check for COVID-19 violations at an Easter service.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski boldly stepped out and described their actions as communism in full play and even branded them Nazis and psychopath until they took leave.

In his own words: “Please get out of this property immediately I don’t want to see, I don’t want hear a word, out of this property util you come back with a warrant out of this property go out and don’t come back. I don t are what you have to say. You Nazis, out out, gestapo is not allowed here. Gestapo is not allowed here, Do you understand english. Get out ouf this property and don’t come back without a warrant, you understand, nazis are not welcome here. Do not come without a warrant. Gestapo is not welcome here, do not dome back you Nazis psychopath, unbelievable such evil people, intimidating people during Easter, you nazis, fascist, they are coming to intimidate Christians during the holliest christian tradition of passover”

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