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Dr. Stella Immanuel speaks to journalist challenges Dr. Fauci, CNN in a new interview

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Dr. Stella Immanuel spoke to a reporter at KPRC 2 Click2Houston following her impassionate speech that Hydroxychloroquine can help cure COVID-19.

Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have censored her videos by removing thousands of videos where she shot fame claiming the malaria tablet can cure COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Stella Immanuel at frontline doctor where she shot fame

With the support of the US, President Donald J Trump who calls her “very impressive”, Dr. Stella says that she is saying the truth above everything and can prove it.

Dr. Stella told a journalist that if Herman Cain, the former Republican presidential candidate who died of COVD-19 had taken Hydroxychloroquine at the early stages he would still be alive.

She also challenged, infectious diseases expert Dr. Fauci to produce urine samples to prove that she is right that they have all used the malaria tablet as a preventive measure but are letting Americans die, she vows that Americans should not die.

WHO up until today don’t agree with her unproven drug that could cure the COVID-19.

“I have now treated over 400 patients, we have treated more patients, diabetics”, she said.

She further said that many studies have proven that Hydroxychloroquine works but the left-wing media are doing all they can to smear the campaign.

When asked to silence her critics, she said that she has data, and pharmaceutics companies are the ones taking advantage.

Asked about wearing masks, she maintains her stand about it and is not scared of WHO and Dr. Fauci, neither to lose her silence because she is helping people not to die.

When asked about her religious views, she said that CNN has been the best promoter of her ministry after videos of her talking about Incubus and Succubus sleeping with people.

“Bring CNN in one room with me and watch if they will not begin to move like snakes” she said.

Asked about what is a ‘demon’, she tells the reporter, In the Bible in the book of Genesis they came from fallen angels, these are demons. “I am a demon buster. I am calling all the CNN anchors, they will move on the floor and that lizard inside them will leave all them” she said.

Asked if she not afraid to lose her medical license, she said she not scared of WHO, Dr, Fauci, let them come, it’s on.”

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