WhatsApp alternatives 2021: What are the best messaging apps for privacy and easy use?

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WhatsApp is forcing all users to agree to its controversial new privacy policy by 8 February, or else you get blocked from the app.

The move has led many users to seek alternatives, with high-profile figures like Elon Musk and Edward Snowden urging users to switch to more privacy-focussed services.

Even WhatsApp’s creators, who sold the app to Facebook in 2014 for $18 billion, have turned their back on the app, with co-founder Brian Acton saying in a 2018 interview: “I sold my users’ privacy for a larger benefit.”

The Facebook-owned app has more than 2 billion users worldwide, so even if millions of people decide to migrate it is unlikely to have a major impact on WhatsApp’s overall popularity.

S. No.Best WhatsApp AlternativesTransfer ProtocolsEncryption UsedBest Privacy Features
1.SignalHTTPS/SIP Over WebSocketsSignal Protocol (X3DH + Double Ratchet + AES 256)No User Records, Self-Destructing Messages
2.SessionTOR Onion HttpModified Signal ProtocolNo Phone Number Required, Decentralized Network
3.ThreemaHTTPSNaCl + AES 256 (Validation Logging)No logging of IP Addresses or Metadata
4.iMessageHTTPS/GSMDouble AES 128E2E Encryption, Make Payments
5.ElementsHTTPSMatrix NetworkE2E Encryption, Decentralized Storage
6.Wickr meHTTPSWickr Secure Messaging ProtocolNo IP Address Logs, Anonymity
7.ViberHTTP/HTTPS – RTP (SRTP)Double RatchetInvisible status, Secret Chats, Lock Messages With PIN

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