CNN boss Jeff Zucker brands Rudy Giuliani a ‘useful idiot’

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CNN boss Jeff Zucker was caught in leaked audio saying the Trump legal team is “crazy” – and branded Rudy Giuliani a “useful idiot.”

Secret recordings released by Project Veritas on Thursday appear to include Zucker, president of the cable channel, blasting the president’s personal lawyer.

Project Veritas, run by James O’Keefe, is a conservative website that uses hidden cameras and undercover reporters to ensnare journalists or politicos in embarrassing conversations.

O’Keefe claims he infiltrated internal editorial meetings at CNN and recorded what was being said throughout several weeks. 

A voice said to be Zucker’s can be heard saying: “There is a term for what Rudy Giuliani is suspected of being, which is ‘useful idiot.’”

That recording was reportedly made a couple of days after Giuliani leaked an apparent hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden to the New York Post.

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