#JusticeforDonDavis: ‘Let’s allow the court to handle it’, Deborah Okezie says after being cautioned by a Magistrate against discussing her son’s alleged sexual assault via social media

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Deborah Okezie has shared via her Facebook page that she will no longer engage in discussing her son Don Davies’s alleged sexual abuse case on social media after being cautioned by a Chief Magistrate in Uyo, Winifred Umohandy.

Deborah had called out the management of Deeper Life High School over the alleged maltreatment and sexual abuse her 11-year-old son suffered in the school.

However in court on Thursday, the Magistrate asked her to cease further discussion on the case on social media following a complaint from the lawyer to the Deeper Life High School, Fidelis Igwe.

Umohandy said; 

“Let the media stay off, let the court do justice on the merit of the case.”

On Friday January 8, Deborah informed her Facebook friends, fans and supporters she would no longer discuss her son’s case on the social media site, apparently in obedience to the magistrate’s instruction.

She said in the live broadcast; 

“Good afternoon, beautiful people! Please, I want to beg everyone, the matter is in court, we are not going to discuss anything here pertaining to the matter, let’s allow the court to handle it,”

She further said that she’s back to business and was seen selling pieces of hair to her followers in the video that has over 300 shares.

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