Disney company confirms first bisexual lead character in series The Owl House

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Disney has introduced its first bisexual lead character in animated series The Owl House, with the show’s creator confirming the news.

The Owl House, which airs on the Disney Channel, follows 14-year-old Dominican-American girl Luz Noceda, who accidentally discovers a portal to a magical world and decides to pursue her dream of becoming a witch, despite not having any natural magical abilities.

In a recent episode of the show Luz attended prom and danced with her classmate Amity Blight, who has been shown to have romantic feelings for Luz.

It was also revealed that Amity had written a letter to Luz asking her to attend the prom with her, but her fear of being rejected caused her to keep the letter a secret.

After the episode’s debut the show’s creator Dana Terrace took to Twitter to celebrate the development, telling a fan that the story had been “a giant crew effort”.

“Creating these characters led me to come out as bi to my friends and family back in 2017, I hope they continue to create positive vibes for people in future episodes!” she wrote.

Kids’ TV has taken several steps forward in the past few years when it comes to improving LGBTQ+ representation on screen, with CBBC series The Next Step recently airing its first same-sex kiss.

Disney aired its first ever same-sex kiss in an animated show on Star vs the Forces of Evil in 2017 while Disney+ premiered a new Pixar short in May this year which features the studio’s first gay main character.

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