Ivana Trump says daughter Ivanka could be the first female president of the United States, talks about painful divorce, Melania Trump, dating

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Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump

Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump who is the “real first lady” has been branded a ‘bigoted embarrassment’ for her ‘disturbing’ comments on US immigration today. 

Czech-born businesswoman Ivana, 71, who lives in New York, married Donald Trump in 1977, and while the pair divorced in 1990, the former model claims she is able to speak to the President at ‘any time’. 

Appearing on morning show Loose Women, Ivana talked about her divorce, children, and relationship with Trump.

Asked about inauguration when her ex husband became the US president she said:

“I don’t really like the politics that much, I would do a great job in the white house. I am at the stage of my life, I can afford to do what I want to do.”

“I was very proud it my husband of 15 years, I see he can do. Great job”, she further added.

Asked how oftendoes she speak to him since they have been divorced she said:

“I can speak to him many times and he’s traveling so much. I called him at 9 am and he picked, Donald what are you doing? I am singing the cheque for 300 billion dollars, it is a big difference and big responsibility.”

Asked about the divorce it was nasty at the time, how long it takes you to be friends again?

“It took two years and prenup agreement, we split what we had ti slipt, we had three kids, Eric, Ivanka, Donald Jr. We became very good friends.”

Asked if he ever speaks to Melania, she said:

“No. I speak to Mr. Presifent, I don’t get involved in his private life. We talk about common and I tell him what I feel is right, we don’t about ex-wife.

Melania Trump

Have you ever met Melania?

Yes. did, she said with hesitation.

Do you think sh does , she is doing a good job, as a first lady?

I am not sure she very quiet, she does’t go to too to many places, she’s quiet.

You’ve been divorce for a long time how do you find dating again?

“I am very relaxed, I can go anywhere. Thank God I can afford anything I want, I have friends who are companions.

Ivanka Trump

What do you think Ivanka as the next female president?

I think she is in the White House every day, next to her father everything, I think she could be one day the first woman president, she’s smart as hell.

What do you think?


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