“I didn’t think I was a leadership material” – Pastor Sam Adeyemi

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Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Center has said that his introversion and shyness prevented him from seeing the leadership material in himself when he was young.

The clergyman said that things changed after he got to read a book authored by Donald S. Aultman and titled Learning Christian Leadership.

He tweeted: “I didn’t think I was leadership material while young because of my introversion and shyness. It changed when I was loaned a book on leadership, where the author listed the qualities of a leader and said we all have some of the qualities already and can develop the rest.

“I looked at the list. He was right. My self-esteem soared. The world is negative and teaches us helplessness by making us focus on our failures. Remind yourself of your positive qualities and achievements right now, and every morning and night. Be your own cheerleader.

“Then, everyday, improve your effectiveness in your work. High self-esteem with low competence makes you an empty but noisy barrel. High competence with low self-esteem makes you feel like an impostor. High self-esteem and high competence create sustainable success.”

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