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Iranian ‘Zombie Angelina Jolie’ jailed for 10 years

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The Iranian ‘Zombie Angelina Jolie’ Instagram star has been jailed for a decade, her lawyer has said, a year after she was arrested over her social media activities.

Sahar Tabar, 19, whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvand, from Tehran, shot to prominence after posting images of her eerily gaunt face.

Her images – which made her appear to be a zombie-Angelina Jolie lookalike – gathered her 486,000 followers.

Many saw the stunt as a joke or as social commentary, but on October 5 2019, Sahar was arrested in Iran, along with three other female Instagram influencers.

Iranian Journalist Masih Alinejad told the MailOnline that she has spoken to Tabar’s lawyer, who confirmed his client had been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the past few days for ‘promoting public corruption’.

Ms Alinejad first shared the news on Twitter, writing: ’10 years jail for Iranian Instagramer who used make up & Photoshop to become a zombie Angelina Jolie.

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