The witch doctor in Jay Israel “Pay me my money” video allegedly works for self-styled Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Omoto protocol team

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According to several reports flying on social media the fake witchdoctor who featured in skit “Pay Me My Money” accusing Jay Israel of owing him money is reportedly part of the protocol team of self-styled Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Omoto.

Jay Israel shared an update on Facebook yesterday that the man who claims to be a native doctor from Ijebu Ode, Nigeria has been exposed and his name is Bodonyefa Godfrey

Jeremiah Fufeyin and his team with the alleged native doctor actor
Bodonyefa Godfrey – Credit Facebook

Several Facebook accounts with the name Bodonyefa Godfrey and various photos suggest the man to be the native doctor, the resemblance can’t be faulted.

A South African Youtuber Church Reality Check was able to analyze the photos and you will be shocked to see the native doctor could be the man in the video.

Do you think this man is truly working for Prophet Jeremiah, share your views in the comment section.

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