Biden photographed with Kamala Harris talking points as running mate speculation grows

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Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick has been one of Washington’s best-kept secrets but a supposedly accidental news publication and Biden’s own teasingly displayed notes are raising expectations that the winner is Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden’s notes caught on camera speculates Kamala Harris to be his VP choice

Speculation over the choice of VP is a parlor game played every four years in Washington, but this time the stakes are unusually high.

Biden would be 78 on taking office — the oldest US president ever — and he has hinted that he might not seek a second term, making his deputy the prime candidate to take on the party’s nomination.

Biden’s notepad with notes about his VP choice

Harris has always been in the mix with an impressive CV that includes her own performances in the Senate, her bid for the Democratic nomination before ceding to Biden, and, in the era of Black Lives Matter, the fact that she is black.

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