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Nigerian man, Bodmas Prince Kemepadei publicly denounces christianity to embrace deity worship

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A man who has been identified as Bodmas Prince Kemepadei from Sagbama, Bayelsa State has rejected Christianity.

The man publicly denounced his Christianity and accepted the Egbesu worship.

Egbesu is an ancient war deity entrusted to the Ijaw ethnic nation by the Almighty to defend themselves in times of war and oppression.

The ancient cult declined after the successful British occupation of the Ijaw lands in the late 19th century.

According to Kemepadei, he believes that the “true worship of God is in our right conducts and not in religious association and buildings.” He concluded by challenging his friends to publicly denounce their Christian faith.

He took to his Facebook page on Wednesday 24th to write:

“Challenge humbly accepted 🙌🏿 I reaffirm my denunciation of CHRISTIANITY and acceptance of EGBESU WORSHIP. I have denounced my Christian faith in the past but I am happy to do it again. My name is BODMAS PRINCE KEMEPADEI, I was a joyful Christian and a believer in Jesus Christ, but I woke up from my sleep, and realized that I have been duped by foreign myths plagiarized and remodelled from my people’s customs and practices.”

Furthermore, he says,
“I believe that God will not judge us not according to our beliefs but by our deeds”.

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