Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is not a man of God, he is a false teacher – says Jay Israel

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Jay Israel during a live broadcast on Sunday 26th July called out pastors he believes are false teachers in the current climate of the church.

Talking about Nigerian Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo who traveled to South Africa to AMI to endorse Pastor Alph that God spoke to him that he is a true man of God, Jay questioned the integrity of the clergyman.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo attended AMI Ministries in 2019
Credit: Alph Lukau Facebook

Jay Israel also mentioned American preacher George Bloomer who came to AMI to prophesy at Pastor Alph Lukau’s church following the Elliot resurrection hoax: “George Bloomer are you a prophet? Jay said.

George G. Bloomer is an evangelist, pastor, author, teleevangelist, renowned speaker and entrepreneur.
Credit: AMI

“How do you endorse a charlatan and claim that you are of God because the man was doing damage control, they even said that Tyler Perry is a fan of the AMI church.’ said Jay Israel.

Tyler Perry, American Movie producer

“God is going to embarrass a lot of jackals because their reign is over, it is time for the Lord” – He further added.

The Bible warns to watch out for false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves yet may Christians find it offensive when people mention false preachers by their names.

Jay Israel, 27, was introduced to the occult at the age of 19 on a trip to the country of Benin where acquired a horn that he used to prophesy under familiar spirits.

Jay Israel with holding a stick in his right hand given to him by Alph Lukau that he used for ministry.
Credit: Facebook

According to Jay, he is trying to share his testimony to the world because he doesn’t want to return to the grave with all these secrets and at times it is necessary to mention names in the process.

Jay spoke to Editor in chief at Nation Scoops, Benita Owobi yesterday over the phone because new fraud allegations were leveled against him, and readers at NS asked if he paid back the money he collected from his church members.

Benita Owobi – Founder of Nation Scoops

Jay Israel speaks to Nation Scoops exclusively with Benita

Jay Israel Senior speaks to Nation Scoops with Benita about his confession, fraud allegations, money restitution and Uebert Angel

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW JULY 26/07/2020Jay Israel Senior speaks to Nation Scoops with Benita Owobi about his confession, fraud allegations, money restitution and Uebert AngelJay Israel is a popular prophet based in South Africa who is a former occultist who performed fake miracles since he was 19 years old. He has confessed that he is no longer a false prophet and is responding to fraud allegation leveled against

Posted by Nation Scoops on Sunday, July 26, 2020

The church is under attack, this is the antichrist, his end his near, he will die, he is wasting his time, who are you to judge are comments people have left in relation to what Jay has been saying on social media for the past few months.

If God has given mankind the ability the judge between evil and good, calling people who are false teachers is not contradictory to scriptures and should be encouraged as it liberates people from falsehood.

Jay Israel is still a prophet and believes God has called him for such a time as this to liberate the christian community from false teachers, he has also expressed the desire to share his personal encounter with Christ.

Jay Israel
Credit: Facebook

Full episode watch from 2h20 min


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Posted by Jay Israel Senior on Sunday, July 26, 2020

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