Pastor Paul Enenche responds to Daddy Freeze, calls him a mad dog and a bastard

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Pastor Paul Enenche owner of Dunamis International Ministries has responded to Daddy Freeze called him a mad dog and bastard.

Enenche the pastor of the Abuja-based Dunamis Ministry acknowledged that Daddy Freeze is indeed a bastard, that if truly he is not and he has a father and judging by our culture which values respect given to the elders, Freeze would not have thought so lowly to insult men of God who are bigger than him both in achievement and age.

Pastor Paul Eneche who was full of fury in the video did not only lash at daddy freeze he also used the privilege to school and advice him on what to do as he has been cursed from the moment he attacked the man of God.

Paul Eneche called daddy to freeze a mad Dog who can never amount to anything while also using the scriptures to back up his choice of words. He said Jesus also called Herod a Mad Fox.

He said Freeze does not have what it takes to correct any man God considering that he is a Failure who could not keep anything in his life; he couldn’t keep a wife, not to talk of keeping a job, and yet he is trying to troll men of God whose height he can never get to in several generations to come.

The pastor, however, gave Freeze, his followers, and those supporting him an advice as well as a warning to retract their statement and repent before it’s too late to avoid the wrath of God.

Watch the video below!

“You’re a mad dog” – Pastor Paul Enenche calls out Daddy Freeze

Posted by Nation Scoops on Saturday, 12 September 2020

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