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South Africa’s journalist, Solomon Izang Ashoms launches an investigation into Jay Israel’s Back To Christ movement

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Solomon Izang Ashoms a BBC correspondent and investigative journalist on religious matters has been exposing corruption at high levels in the Christian community over the years including fraud in churches lead by megachurch pastors in South Africa.

The Nigerian, South Africa based journalist embarks in an investigation about Jay Israel Snr’s movement Back To Christ which has raised concerns among the Christian community with allegations of scams, fraud, and cyberbullying.

Jay Israel with Alph Lukau

The first aspect of the inquiry is a Facebook page “Ugly Truth” allegedly invloved in scams, extorting of money lead by former self-professed false prophet Jay Israel, according to Solomon’s findings.

The Ugly Truth is an American movie that was released in 2009, Ugly Truth used the same logo which is intellectual property and copyright infringement and punishable by law.

The ugly truth official logo – 2009

During a live broadcast, Solomon Izang Ashoms reveals details about Ugly Truth that has been attacking pastors and publishing fake news stories using Columbia Pictures movie production brand name and logo.

Jay Israel & Solomon Izang Ashoms – Credit Facebook

Ugly Truth shared a false report about Solomon Izang Ashoms that he is planning to extort money from a book project with Jay Israel and a third party, on Solomon’s Temple live broadcast he revealed they are unfounded stories.

Nation Scoops obtained the confirmation from a source that Jay Israel works with the mastermind behind of Ugly Truth extorting money from christians under the guise of exposing false pastors on the cyberspace.

Solomon Izang Ashoms

When you click on the page of Ugly Truth Paypal account it takes people to Jay Israel School of Ministry which raises a red flag that he may be aware of the scam but denied it on several occasions.

When you go to the paypal account it says donate to Rebecca Johns: Purpose Back to Christ Partnership, which is the name of the online movement lead by Jay Israel.

Ugly Truth, Paypal Account

When you click cancel and return to Rebecca Johns it takes you to Jay Israel Teachable page which is a domain name from

Jay Israel’s ministry associate,Mandlenkosi Victor Bhunualso did a Facebook live broadcast over a week ago, which has now been deleted where he alleged Ugly Truth is owned by Jay Israel but the latter denies it.

Solomon Izang Ashoms said that he has evidence that he cannot release to the public and has confirmed in his report that Jay Israel is still defrauding people under the Back To Christ Movement in 2020 despite his self public repentance.

The Facebook page, Ugly Truth page has already suggested the use of a new logo because the one they are using now is the intellectual property of Columbia Pictures films.

Nation Scoops reached out to Jay Israel to confirm if the story about Ugly Truth is true and were told that he has no involvement in it, he also said that he giving us access to investigate his social media platforms and his team members.

This report was produced by Nation Scoops Media and will be updated as further information is released to the public.

To watch Solomon Izang Ashoms broadcast check below


Facebook page UGLY TRUTH has recently been extorting Pastors and Prophets for money to run or not run their story. They have defrauded many people while claiming to be a Christian platform….But who is behind this scam?

Posted by Solomon Izang Ashoms on Friday, October 2, 2020

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