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“My husband abandoned me and our daughter to marry popular gospel singer Rachel Acsa Olangi”, Lesego shares her pain

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Lesego Tshekoeng and her husband Kevin Kaseya – Facebook

Lesego Tshekoeng is a South African woman who shares the painful situation of how her husband Kevin Kaseya abandoned her to marry a popular Congolese singer and Pastor Asca Olangi three days after traveling overseas to look for work opportunities.

The popular singer Rachel Olangi is celebrated in the international gospel music scene and has friends of the likes, Donnie McClurkin, Tim Godfrey, Sinach.

She is also the lead pastor of the mega-cult church Olangi Ministries who specializes in spiritual warfare, over the years they faced criticism for its demon-chasing doctrines.

The beautiful South African lady found out her husband married the gospel music star three days after he told his wife that he’s traveling to DR Congo to find work, she woke up to see the pictures of her husband online was the shock of her life, the couple didn’t have any argument or plans to divorce according to Lesego.

Kevin Lesego and new wife gospel star Rachel Acsa Olangi

Speaking with Nation Scoops on the 8th of January 2021, Lesego revealed several instances of when her husband extorted money from her under several disguises.

According to Lesgeo her husband has asked her to borrow money from her before he traveled to the Congo to marry the gospel singer and has asked him to return the money and refuses to grant him custody of their child, she said:

“I want full parental rights for our daughter, also want the money that I had borrowed him in 2019 October whereby he had lied to me saying his father was critically ill and that was not true, I learned that he potentially used that money to propose to Acsa Olangi in 2019 Nov/Dec”, Lesego shares.

Congolese gospel star Rachel Asca Olangi

“I reached out to Acsa Olangi and her family, Sophie Olangi personally, telling her that Kevin Kaseya is my husband and they both ignored me. Sophie Olangi asked me not to go on social media as this news would damage Asca’s brand reputation”, she said further.

Congolese gospel star Rachel Asca Olangi

The alleged intruder, Acsa Olangi, is a well-known pastor for Foundation Olangi Ministries and gospel singer that has performed with the likes Donnie McClurkin, Tim Godfrey, Sinach, and many more international gospel singers.

Kevin Lesego and new wife gospel star Rachel Asca Olangi

Lesego claims that she has been abandoned in South Africa with sizeable debts and apparently has joint assets with her husband and she has claimed that her request for customary divorce from her husband has proven abortive as Kevin refuses to consent.

She has also requested her share of the asset so that she can move on and also escape the rage of her husband when he eventually returns home.

Kevin Lesego and new wife gospel star Rachel Acsa Olangi

Kevin Kaseya has threaten Lesego via her lawyer to stop speaking to the media or else she will face consequences according to a voice note obtained by Nation Scoops.

“We would like Olangi Ministries to be held liable for that money since my husband is now a leader/pastor of that church due to being ACSA’s husband”, Lesego says as she defends the interest of her daughter and the health implications of Kevin’s illicit act.

Lesego as well shares another instance where her husband allegedly extorted a Zimbabwean lady popularly called “Chipo”, who was also in a relationship with her husband, she met the woman who had apologized because she didn’t know that he was married to Lesego.

“He lied to her that he has divorced me and his money has been frozen and as soon as the divorce case is finalised, he will give her money back”, Lesego narrated.

This entire situation has been chaotic for Lesego as she has to go through these difficult times alone with their only daughter who will need to go through counseling and therapy since her father will not be returning home after two weeks as he promised.

Rachel Asca Olangi and Nigerian gospel singer Tim Godfrey at the wedding in November 2020.

Lesego said in a recent broadcast with Congolese influencers and journalists that she is doing it to help other women who are also in the same situation to get justice.

Lesego shares her wedding photos with Nation Scoops and Invitation as proof to justify her marriage claims with Kevin Kaseya. See pictures below:

Lesego Tshekoeng and her husband Kevin Kaseya wedding invitation
Lesego Tshekoeng and her husband Kevin Kaseya
Lesego Tshekoeng and her husband Kevin Kaseya
Lesego Tshekoeng and her husband Kevin Kaseya
Lesego Tshekoeng and her husband Kevin Kaseya
Lesego Tshekoeng and her husband Kevin Kaseya
Lesego Tshekoeng and her husband Kevin Kaseya
Lesego Tshekoeng and Kevin Kaseya wedding venue
Lesego Tshekoeng and her family
Lesego Tshekoeng and her family

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