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[WATCH] ‘The Trump I Know’ Teaser

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The upcoming film, “The Trump I Know,” aims to give viewers a look into the faith and family life of President Donald Trump, as told from the perspective of the women in his family and those who’ve worked with him in the White House.

Producer Joe Knopp is gearing up for his latest film release set to premiere in October. In this new film, Knopp gives viewers a glimpse behind the scenes into the life of the 45th president of the United States from the perspective of those who know him best. 


President Trump is the most well-known person in the world. Everyone seems to have an opinion of him – but who is he really?

A Hollywood filmmaker strikes up an unexpected friendship with Lara Trump who introduces him to the women in the Trump family, administration, campaign, and business. Some are the children of immigrants, some from very humble beginnings, but all are strong, intelligent, talented patriots. They were chosen by the President because he saw something in them that many didn’t even see in themselves.

Through their stories and through their eyes, get a glimpse of the Trump they know,

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