Daddy Freeze sets the record straight, “I didn’t know Hushpuppi was into fraudulent activities”

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Nigerian broadcaster and leader of Free Nation in Christ, Daddy Freeze has given an official update on the many reports online circulating about his relationship with Hushpuppi following his arrest.

Daddy Freeze started off the broadcast saying that his trip to Dubai was sponsored by his former employer Cool FM and he was there on a trip with his crew.

He also said that he carries out exclusive interviews with celebrities and the one with Hushpuppi wasn’t planned as he only tweeted that he was in Dubai and Hushpuppi got back to him and they both met for his birthday.

Hushpuppi arrested on alleged fraud charges in Fox 10 operation

Daddy Freeze claims that he only visited his house and a restaurant with him and was mainly talking about the backlash that he faced since he’s been calling out fake pastors in Nigeria and other pleasantries.

Talking of Hushpupi’s income, Daddy Freeze made it clear that he had already addressed the issue in a prior broadcast at Cool FM flagship show “After dark” – one of the hosts of the show spoke with Hushpuppi on the phone to clarify everything

“While I was with him, he got a call from Versace, Gucci and they wanted to host him because he was an influencer, “I didn’t meet him at the venue of a crime scene, I met him at Burberry VIP lounge and his house,” Daddy Freeze said.

Dubai police on Thursday released a video of how they arrested Instagram celebrity Ramoni Igbalode popularly known as Hushpuppi of cybercrime and fraud allegations.

According to reports, Hushpuppi defrauded over 1.9 million people in a space of 2 months while the Dubai intelligence was tracking his moves until he was arrested alongside 10 other criminals.

To watch the full statement from Daddy Freeze

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