Prophet Bushiri accused of rape again, two women share their alleged rape stories with eTV, South African Channel

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Two young women have come forward with rape allegations against Malawi self-styled prophet Bushiri in an interview with South Africa eTV on Wednesday.

“He insisted on a hug and tried to kiss me. I said no I can’t do this, you’re married. And he said ‘don’t worry about that’. He then touched me here forehead and I manifested,” one allaged victim told eTV.

A woman named Thandi (*not her real name) is a mother who went to church claims the prophet would stare at her during the services, sometimes even coming to stand next to her while he preached.

According to reports, allegedly a church elder told the woman that Bushiri would like to invite her to a hotel for prayers.

Prophet Bushiri accused of rape again, two women share their alleged rape stories with eTV, South African Channel

“I’m like no you can’t do this to me. You are married. He said, I don’t care, I shouldn’t worry about that. I was like no I can’t. That’s when from there he touched me here (forehead) so that’s when I manifested, I don’t know I was under the power. That I don’t even know. So from there he took off the clothes then he raped me.” Thandi said,

Reportedly after the incident happened the man who invited her gave her R5,000 (£229) and was told to leave immediatly.

Lerato another woman in the video (*not her real name) also shared a story of being lured to a hotel and when she arrived, she says she found the pastor naked.

“He then asked me to take my clothes off! He told me to turn around and I did that shaking…afraid… I didn’t know what to do. That’s when he came up to me and everything happened. And then after that, he told me to take out 5K out of the drawer, to go book myself another room.” Lerato said.

Both women have opened cases with the police and while they wait for justice, they’ve stopped attending the church.

In 2018, a Sunday newspaper reported that the Hawks were investigating Bushiri after a Pretoria woman had come forward which later withdrew her story.

Shepherd Bushiri is currently facing fraud and money-laundering charges with the case currently in court.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering church has been contacted at the time of this report and given 24 hours to respond.

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